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H.L. Campbell Engineering
Long Acres
Newchapel Road
Tel.No. 01342 835577
Fax.No. 01342 835599


H.L. Campbell Engineering
71 Arncliffe Gardens
TS26 9JF


Recently we have opened a second engraving workshop in the North-East, although situated in temporary premises this is fully functional and we would welcome any enquiries regarding work.

In our engraving shops, situated in Lingfield and Hartlepool, we have combined the old and new to deliver a high quality of engraving on many different materials and job types.

The Bourne Society

Using Taylor Hobson pantograph machines which have a good reputation in the engraving industry combined with a computerised Venture VPE50 machine in union with scanners and various drawing packages, we have the best of both worlds.

We have great experience in the following types of engraving:

  • Front panels - for radar, audio,medical and computer equipment.
  • Identification labels and tags.
  • Commemorative and memorial plaques.
  • Company nameplates.
  • Elevator C.O.P.
Perspex memorial plaque

Engraved on many materials:

  • Stainless Steel - polished or grained.
  • Brass - polished or grained.
  • Aluminium - polished, grained or anodised.
  • Rigid and semi - rigid laminated plastics - these give a wide variety of colours for text and background.
  • Clear plastics - usually engraved on the back, giving a smooth front face.

The use of computerised engraving also gives us the ability to prepare artworks for the silkscreening of company logos which may be difficult to engrave.

If you would like advice or a quote on any engraving please see our enquiries page.

Our sheet metal shop is well equiped to deal with most work. The purchase of a Weidemann multi-turret machine brought with it over 2000 punches. These can also be used with our 7 ton fly-presses meaning thet 1 off prototype jobs can be handled as easily as multi-run jobs. If we do not have the shape of punch to suit your needs, our CNC engraving machine doubles as a versatile light milling machine and can cut the most intricate of shapes.

Unlike a lot of firms where one member of staff runs the guillotine, another the folder etc, our staff run the job from beginning to end, thus giving them full experience in all aspects of the work. This also gives them the understanding to spot any problems a job might bring long before it occurs.


We work most metals in sheet, solid bar or tubing:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Copper
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze

...and in sheet:

  • perspex
  • lexan
  • rubber


If you would like advice or a quote on any sheet metalwork please see our contact page.

May we introduce our company to you, we are :-

  • Sheet metal workers, working mainly in small bracket components, boxes and front panels in ferrous & non ferrous metals (sheet & angles etc.), fabrics (SRBP, SRBF & SRBGF), nylons & plastics.
  • Machine engravers, supplying nameplates, labels, front panels, mimic diagrams, scales etc. We will also undertake the engraving, marking or calibrating of your own components.

Our Machinery includes all lightweight standard folding, rolling and forming, hand machines, a Weidermann 18 station multi Turret Press (fully tooled with over 2000 different punch and dies), a power press, a Meritius Spot Welder, Oxy-Acetylene equipment, two MIG and one Arc Welder, Power & Treadle guillotines, Polisher, Linishers, Rumblers, Tungsten Carbide tipped circular saw, Vacuum Blaster, various banks of pillar drills and tapping machines.

In addition three Taylor Hobson engraving machines and one CNC engraving machine also capable of holding small mill heads (for light milling and profiles).

Our workshops are totally self sufficient in the work undertaken with the exception of plating, painting and silk screening which we normally sub-contract to CAA, MOD 05-24 or BS5750 (IS0 9002) companies.

We are proficient in the use of AutoCAD and Coreldraw. We are able to:-

  1. use drawings in vector formats on jobs, either produced by ourselves or by our customers directly to our CNC Engraving machine for engraving or again light milling and profiling with only the input of the Z Axis required.
  2. produce Artworks to print for approval and subsequently to film for use on screening.

We have a separate calibrated inspection room and use bonded stores for traceability of materials used, which currently satisfy various group branches of Thales (Formerly Racal Defence, Thomson-CSF), Royal Ordnance, Northrop/Sperry/Litton Marine System, Centronic, Group 4 Security, Barrow Hepburn, Chubb Electronic Systems, Hunting Group and the DOE. Other large companies we deal with indirectly include Otis, Plessey & GEC.

We issue traceable Certificates of Conformity where needed.

Recently we have opened a second engraving workshop in the North-East, although situated in temporary premises this is fully functional and we would welcome any enquiries regarding work.

We are a small company with a staff of 7 full time employees and are therefore able to keep full control on the work undertaken.

Welcome to our website. We are a family run engineering shop, specialising in Precision Sheet Metal Work and Machine Engraving.

The pictures below show a small selection of the products we manufacture for various firms.

computer action nameplate

We engrave on many materials with polished brass preferred by many companies for their nameplates. Using computer drawing packages allows us to faithfully replicate company logos to add visual impact.

One of several "blue plaques" we have produced for the Bourne Society to commemorate famous people/buildings

blue plaque
circular & linear scales

Scales, whether linear or circular are one of our specialities. These can be produced to be placed under sliders or around knobs or engraved directly onto frontplates.

The majority of our sheet metal work comprises of making small components in all shapes and materials.


Large Front plates and Back plates are fully catered for with the panels being fabricated within the metalshop and then, after painting or plating, engraved to produce the finished job. If silk screening is required we will also produce any artwork needed.

We have also worked with several security companies. This is a security camera mounting (upside down!) used on several installations.

camera mounting
security marking chassis

Complete chassis and covers can be produced from mild steel, stainless steel brass and aluminium. We can help in the design and drawing process, helping make the final product easier and cheaper to produce.